5 Reasons Why You Need NAS

By | August 8, 2014

When it comes to saving data there isn’t really a better choice than Network Attached Storage. NAS, as it’s known, is basically hard drive, or set of hard drives shared from the network. There are many benefits to using it and more people are containing to switch to NAS and ditch the traditional methods of storage like portable hard drives. Here are 5 reasons why we think you need to start using network-attached storage.

The pure easiness of file sharing

File sharing becomes incredibly simple and efficient when using an NAS. It acts as an external hard drive that can always be accessed with out any hassle. Typically if you wanted to share content, you would have to use Bluetooth, an application, email, or a USB flash drive. With NAS you can share data with everyone connected to the network at the click of a button. It’s as easy as drag and dropping the files you want to share and as long as there is an Internet connection anyone can receive those files. Photos, videos, relevant documents, music, and more, can all be share quickly and without having to deal with any physical devices.

All the files and content stored on NAS systems is accessible through the cloud and completely remotely. There is software available that’s enables users to connect to their NAS from anywhere in the world and grab or share all the content that’s stored. Whether you need some important files to show your boss or you want to show your friends some photos you took on your vacation, it’s all just a few clicks away. Having an NAS ensures that any file sharing or remote access is simple and completely streamlined for an incredibly easy user experience. It might sound complicated but it’s a lot easier than carrying around physical storage systems which run the risk of being damaged or becoming corrupted. This also means that printers can be accessed and data can be shared sent to them completely through the NAS.

…and streaming

Another incredible benefit to using NAS is for the purpose of media streaming. Now that it’s a lot easier to share files over the network the same principles can be applied to streaming media to your TV or other video display platforms. HD media players and Smart TVs all have the capability to connect to a network in your home and can grab the same music, video, or photo files from the cloud and display them without any issues. A media device in every room in the house can access and display the same files simultaneously all from a single NAS. This entirely removes the need for hard drive based storage and you no longer have to keep multiple copies of the same content just to view it.

Backups, backups, backups

Some of the data you have stored on your computer or on other digital storage formats are incredibly important. Contracts, bills, blueprints, personal data, or any other relevant information should be kept in a secure location that is not prone to failure. Computer hard drives are common storage devices but are known to fail quite often and when that happens all of your important data is lost in an instant. It could be recovered depending on the severity of the crash but it could also be gone forever.

Storing your data with NAS ensures that any hard drive failures do not effect where the data is kept. An effective NAS can be connected to all the computers and mobile devices in your home and everything important to you can be backed up using simple software and then forgotten about until it’s needed. You no longer have to worry about losing everything because of a simple mistake.


Finally, there is enhanced security and a low entry level cost when installing and utilizing a NAS. For the cost of a portable hard drive you can purchase a NAS and have it installed. After a short time it will pay for itself as the hard drive will eventually fail but the NAS will continue to operate as long as there is an Internet connection. When it comes to saving data at your home there really is no better choice. Privacy is also increased as anything stored on a hard drive can be easily accessed, stolen, or copied, but a NAS is much harder to break into, especially when your network is secured. All the content and network access can be encrypted and essentially makes it extremely improbable that someone without permission will be able to access it.


As a form of file-level data storage, NAS is one of the most cost-effective and efficient systems available. It’s not only highly convenient but offers the simplicity of use that many people have come to expect. Data can be shared instantly and NAS are simple to access. It’s time to ditch the archaic method of storage, the physical hard drive, and start using a NAS to begin enjoying all the benefits it provides.