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ASUS Merlin aka. asuswrt-merlin

Asuswrt-Merlin is actively developed, custom firmware built based on ASUS asuswrt -firmware mainly developed by Eric Sauvageau. Usually – and for a reason – I don’t get so hyped for custom firmware. Often custom firmware changes some functionalities to worse, breaks something or adds some major functionalities. This can cause problems and unexcpeted bugs. But… Read More »

What Is Home NAS?

When we talk about network in the context of storage and file sharing, it does not refer the social media networks that are quite popular in the modern age, such as Facebook and Twitter. Such social networks do promote sharing of files, but NAS has a different aim and mission. The main aim of NAS… Read More »

5 Reasons Why You Need NAS

When it comes to saving data there isn’t really a better choice than Network Attached Storage. NAS, as it’s known, is basically hard drive, or set of hard drives shared from the network. There are many benefits to using it and more people are containing to switch to NAS and ditch the traditional methods of… Read More »